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TDW is a local Bay Area automotive shop that offer various services such as alignments, tires, maintenance, suspension, brakes, diagnostic & more. 

RX-8 M3

Our Services:

    • Alignments - We use a 3D aligner to accurately dial in your suspension.


    • Tires Mounting & Balancing - Our leverless tire changer prevents your wheels from getting damaged. We also use a Hunter Road-Force balancer to ensure your wheels are balanced properly. 


    • Suspension Upgrades - Whether you are going to daily drive or track your vehicle, our team can help you find the right suspension for you. We offer many brands should as KW, Mountain Pass, Unplugged, HKS, BC Racing and more.  


    • Brakes - It's important to have a good braking system. Being able to slow the car down is not just functional on track but also a safety factor on street. 


    • Corner Balancing - This is the last step to get your car handling to its best capabilities. The goal of corner balancing is to get the cross-weight to be 50%. This allows the car to make left & right turns equal and also makes high-speed braking even on all four tires. 


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