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N2itive RSX-1 Lowering Link Set (Brackets) For Tesla S & X

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N2itive’s new patent pending performance RSX-1 ride height adjustment links are the most advanced adjustable lowering links for the Tesla Model S or X in the world.  Beyond lowering brackets, our super precision performance tuners allow you to tweak the length of the link down to 1/10 of a millimeter.  Each link has a scale so you always know what length you’re at and can easily assure all links are at the exact same setting for a precise ride height.  Out of the box they offer up to a 2+” drop from the factory ride height of your Model S or X.  Not low enough for you?  You can lower it even further with calibration!  For those who want to go the opposite direction and raise your S or X, you can also add over an inch to your standard ride height setting.

The RSX-1 ride height adjustment links/lowering links come with a 6-year warranty and are the perfect match for our SX-1 and TSX-1 control arms, allowing you to get both the ideal look and accurate alignment for your Model S or X while eliminating acceleration shudder.  Each set comes with 4 links.  Please note that your Tesla Model S or X must have air suspension.

5 Reasons To Choose Our Performance RSX-1 Tesla S/X Lowering Links

  1. Dial in the right height for you: N2itive’s adjustable lowering links for the Tesla S/X allow uber precise adjustment down to 1/10thmm that can easily be replicated on all links.  Just rotate the adjustment dial to match the same number setting.  No need to unplug/disconnect the links first.  Easily adjust them while they’re in the car.  With other adjustment links you have no practical way of knowing what setting you’re at or how long the individual links are.  It’s a guessing game that can leave one side of the vehicle higher than the other. This is a common frustration when lowering a Tesla.  Meaning you have to go back and jack up the car, remove the wheels, make the adjustment, put the wheels back on and then measure to make sure you have the height correct and all sides are even.  Until now this would have to be done multiple times to get it right.  With the RSX-1 links you can set it once and your done.  We designed these links to be super quick, easy and accurate.
  2. Super simple locking mechanism:  We have a single setscrew that allows you to easily make adjustments with a single Allen wrench.  So in other words, to change the length of your links you slightly loosen the Allen screw, dial in the new ride height setting you want and then re-tighten the Allen screw.  With other adjustment links you’ll need two wrenches to loosen two locking nuts, then make the length adjustment not really knowing where you are in the range of motion, and then re-tighten both locking nuts again and hope you got the correct and even height all around the vehicle.
  3. Easy calibration:  If you ever need to have your sensors re-calibrated from Tesla at some point, our links can easily be reset to “0” which is the factory length.  Then after calibration they can quickly be set back to whatever lowered setting you previously had.  No other lowering links offer this and most lowering brackets would need to be removed and replaced with the original brackets before re-calibration was done.
  4. Design & Quality:  Our thought process on our performance RSX-1 lowering links was to use the highest quality materials and a really well thought out design to create something from the ground up.  We wanted to create something that was really nice both in function and aesthetics, especially being that they’re made for a the most amazing cars on earth.
  5. Corrosion resistance.  All parts are either anodized or electroless nickel plated and have Viton® seals to prevent water/salt intrusion for the longest durability.



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