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Haimus Racing E9X M3 S65 Carbon Intake Elbow

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The Haimus Racing S65 V8 Carbon Fiber elbow is finally here. Here is everything you need to know about it.


The shape of the intake is optimized for better flow characteristics than the OEM unit. Unlike the OEM plastic intake, there are no sudden reductions in area limiting potential airflow.


This intake is designed to fit either the OEM or Haimus Racing plenum. 

Internal Volumes:

The internal volume is specifically designed to be smooth and continuous, creating perfect circumstances for attached, uninterrupted airflow - which aids the engine in creating more reliable, constant, and higher power.


This Intake is made from Carbon Fiber, which absorbs heat much better than plastic and dissipates heat much more quickly, which results in less heat soak, lower IAT temperatures, and more consistent power in different conditions.

Bernoulli Principle:

Another effect that takes place is the Bernoulli Principle. The intake starts off with the stock opening size but gradually increases in size, which creates a vacuum effect and an increase in static pressure inside the plenum, allowing for the engine to absorb the air at slightly above atmospheric pressure. This effect is most prominent when combined with the Haimus Racing Carbon plenum. Combined with the plenum and a remap Haimus Racing has seen a 22whp increase in power on their test vehicle. These results may vary depending on your vehicle, remap, other modifications, vehicle state, etc.

Important! Please Read!

Please realize these carbon products are FULLY handmade from start to finish. That includes the laying of the carbon, the cutting, trimming, fixating of the parts, and the clear coat. Whichever variant of the item you order there might be some microscopic dust particles in the clear coat, microscopic bubbles under the clearcoat, and tiny pits and imperfections on the edges of the product. With every next tear of finish quality, these will be less and less, but completely eradicating them is not a possibility. Please keep that in mind when ordering.


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